Berisha wants to take over the DP to protect himself, declares Roland Bejko



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Roland Bejko, a member of the Democratic Party’s National Council, said that former prime minister Sali Berisha wants to take over the party’s leadership at all costs.

“Be that through procedures or not, he wants to take over the DP. I feel that this dispute will end up in court, and it will be the court to decide. Why does Berisha want to take over the party’s leadership? Because he has a problem, he has been declared persona non grata by the United States”, declared Bejko.

According to him, Berisha’s thesis is the need to “democratize the Democratic Party”, regardless of the fact that he has led the party for three decades.

He also called on stopping Berisha’s return, adding that “Basha was seized by Berisha and now he has to prove himself”.

In light of a request to gather the National Council, Bejko said that even in case Berisha gets the majority, it doesn’t mean that he actually has the support of DP’s members.

Berisha wants to use the DP to protect himself, claimed Bejko, in addition to being a key factor in dictating political decision-making in Albania.

“Berisha is used to being at the center of the table for the past thirty years and now that they are showing him boundaries, he doesn’t want to accept that. He thinks that the DP should live as long as he does. If he wants to take over the DP by stepping in on these procedures, I will no longer call him Doctor Berisha, but Colonel Berisha”, concluded Bejko.


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