Bujar Nishani on ‘Raw Politics’: DP risks losing the next elections



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During ‘Raw Politics’ on Euronews Albania, the head of the National Council of DP, Bujar Nishani defined the current political situation in the Democratic Party, as the worse it has ever been since its founding, 30 years ago.

“It’s with pain that I say that DP today, is going through the worst situation it has ever been in during its entire 30-year history,” stated Nishani.

He emphasized that it is the first time in DP’s history that this party remains in opposition for 3 terms in a row. According to Nishani, there’s a high potential of risk that the Democratic Party loses the following elections too.

Regarding Lulzim Basha’s claims that there were manipulations and an electoral massacre on April 25th, Nishani said that Basha according to him, wasn’t able to stop it, nor was he able to inspire Albanians to demand that the truth of this pretended massacre be verified.

“Regarding the electoral massacre, you’re either unable to stop it or you lack the skills to overcome it, there’s only two options. Not preventing it is the same as not being able to create the right energy to overcome it. In Basha’s case, both happened simultaneously”.

The former president doesn’t negate the fact that everyone within the party shares the responsibility. However, he asserted that the leader has the greatest responsibility because of the trust vested upon him by the structure.

“Everyone has their share of responsibility within DP, but the main responsibility lies with the one that undertakes the race for the term. Lulzim Basha asked for a mandate in order to build a project. It was his responsibility to build a winning project,” stated Nishani, adding that according to him, after losing Basha should have resigned.



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