Raw Politics | Nishani claims DP’s Leadership vote was manipulated: Basha got less than 30% of votes



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During an interview for ‘Raw Politics’ directed by Erla Mehilli, the former president Bujar Nishani stated that the race within DP was held without submitting to the rules of a normal race.

The head of the National Council in DP stated that the race was unequal, bringing up the example of the RD newspaper, the political body of DP, which didn’t publish any of the messages presented by Basha’s rivals.

“It was a masquerade. It’s not a judgment of the one-day process, but the entire thing,” he claimed.

Nishani said that it was banned to discuss the parliamentary elections of April 25th during the National Council meetings. The verdict, he said, regarding the members of the Electoral Commission within DP was made without the presence of the quorum.

“The entire infrastructure of the party, be it in human and financial resources was at Basha’s disposal. The head of DP’s branch in Kavaja refused to organize meetings for the other candidates. The members weren’t allowed to attend meetings. In a large number of cases, offices weren’t made available,” stated Nishani.

The former president also spoke on what he called the manipulation of the electoral process, bringing up the example of what happened in the county of Korca, emphasizing that it is obvious that there were manipulations.

“In the county of Korca, Basha received only 17% of votes from members because there was a chance for all candidates to exercise control. In the municipality of Maliq, where candidates weren’t able to monitor or control the process, Basha received 70% of votes. In the municipality of Devoll, 3 months ago the list of members voting for the candidates for MP has 2100 members, after 3 moths it only had 900 members,” he added.

According to Nishani, “Basha lacks legitimacy and the morals needed to fulfill the duty that the DP is looking for,” adding that “Today, DP is living through a severe drama and is demanding an evolution”. According to Nishani, even though they are saying that Basha received 81% of votes, the support for him was in low numbers because he only received the votes of 28-29% of members.

“Today, Basha represents less than 30% of members. In a speculative way, they are sharing a figure saying Basha won 81% of votes. This doesn’t demonstrate Basha’s political weight. Today, he has only received the votes of 29-29% of DP’s members. In the previous elections, he received 54 000 votes and today 32 000, that’s a 40% decline within 4 years,” concluded Nishani.



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