Çipa: DP is unable to prove the electoral massacre, Këlliçi: Others are share-holders in the final result  



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Analyst, Aleksander Çipa stated during Euronews Albania’s ‘Raw Politics’ that the opposition wasn’t able to convince the public opinion about the ‘electoral massacre’ that it has been claiming since the April 25th elections.

“I believe that it’s not just a perception but also a judgment, that the opposition wants to keep the so-called cause for the electoral massacre in the public eye but they also want to have it be a medium of political pressure against their opponent. Until this very moment, DP has yet to convince the public opinion about this massacre. Electoral theft in Albania, is an ever-present reality that is still going on in our country,” stated Çipa.

Çipa also added that the opposition should publically report the delays that they’re suffering because of the justice system in Albania, so that their cause can become more present and trustworthy.

According to the analyst, the opposition should keep a positivist approach regarding Albania’s current status, without excluding the possibility of collaborating with the current administration for grand matters like the integration into the EU.

In addition, the winning candidate for MP, Belind Këlliçi said during ‘Raw Politics’ that the analysis of his party structures will mainly revolve around the political leaders.

“Basha didn’t race by himself. He had 19 political leaders on his side and 140 candidates for MP and everyone, some more some less, are share-holders in this final result,” stated Këlliçi.

When asked whether this process risks to turn into a ‘witch hunt’, he replied by saying that DP should be learning lessons from its mistakes in order to not have them repeated in the future.

“I believe it’s the opposite. If we are able to achieve a true process of analysis, we’ll be able to draw lessons from past mistakes and strengthen the Democratic Party,” added Këlliçi.

In addition, Kellici continued by saying that according to him, the biggest problem to date is the lack of accountability and the lack of impunity, adding that DP has been denouncing but not seeing responsible authorities react in a “proactive manner”.

“I have been a political leader and I will give my own experience. I have seen live cases, where public administration directors were on the ground getting votes. Certainly, we have followed the way of the law and today, as we speak, we have denounced more than 30 cases at SPAK and 140 in local prosecutions.

And there have been no developments regarding these proceedings. We have followed all the legal steps but this is also a political process. We have submitted more than 20 voluminous files with hundreds of documents and denouncements from citizens. Law enforcement bodies should have a more proactive approach,” added Kellici.



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