Spartak Ngjela: Political parties have been seized by corruption



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The arrest of Lushnje mayor and other state officials will not be an isolated case.

This was one of the declarations made by attorney Spartak Ngjela on Raw Politics recalling that the vetting process has produced concrete results amid a wave of judges and prosecutors that have been ousted from the justice system due to their involvement in corruptive affairs.

He emphasized that the National Bureau of Investigation has a challenge in front of itself to translate every hint into fully-fledged legal evidence or else every arrest would be worthless.

“I don’t think it’s the case in Lushnje only. The vetting has discarded over 60% of judges. Two new institutions have been established, the special prosecution and court. The NBI must turn these wiretaps into legal evidence”, the attorney said.

Answering host Erla Mëhilli, Ngjela said that corruption is found within police structures, adding that there has often been a tacit accord between the judicial system and changing governments.

“The police [of Prime Minister Rama] is completely corrupted. There is a lot of corruption. Why did the prime minister turn to his own police? If corruption at the state level wouldn’t exist, organized crime wouldn’t do anything at the function of the state. They have benefited amid a lack of an iron judicial power”, said Ngjela.

The attorney maintained a critical approach towards Albanian political parties and described them as “seized by corruption” while adding that Albanian citizens must display more optimism given the fact that their own interests match those that the United States has in Albania.

“Parties have been seized by corruption. Albanians must be optimistic as there is a lot of interest on the side of the Americans. America … must intervene and break their bones. American interests converge with the Albanian interests at one point”, Ngjela said.

Euronews Albania journalist Eni Ferhati said that the public has high expectations from SPAK and that the latter must deal a blow to high-ranking officials.

“The expectations are very high. The highest they strike, the better it will be”, said Ferhati.



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