Nesturi: The Socialist Party’s third term will have a positive effect on our country



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The third mandate of the Socialist Party will be positive for the country, said analyst Plator Nesturi during ‘Raw Politice’, hosted by Erla Mëhilli, adding that the Reform on Justice will force the ruling party to exhibit a correct behavior.

He continued by saying that the two previous terms have been limited also because of the opposition, which boycotted the parliament.

“During the second mandate, a large portion of the energy was compromised because of the political climate and the opposition boycotting the parliament,”  said Nesturi, adding that it is precisely because of these acts, that the Democratic Party wasn’t able to share the public’s trust during the April 25th elections.

Analyst Nesturi also added that the Justice Reform has produced new institutions in the battle against corruption; institutions, which according to him are stronger than the political system and that is why, even the government doesn’t have any other choice but follow it.

“Before, prosecutors and judges were afraid of the justice system, but now with the current laws, they are much stronger than politics,” emphasized Nesturi.

Not only the ruling force, but the opposition too should support the Reform on Justice, said Nesturi.

Plator Nesturi concluded by saying that this reform has such an extensive legitimate power that the power vested upon prosecutors and judges can become problematic for the future. However, according to the analyst, what is important is that we are fighting corruption.



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