DP health advisor argues for the need of a clear strategy based on scientific data



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Head of the Health Department at the Democratic Party, Gazment Koduzi stated on ‘Raw Politics’ that the government doesn’t have a clear strategy, when it comes to the vaccination of the population against COVID-19.

Koduzi argued that around half of the vaccines in our country have been administered using Chinese doses that according to him, “offer only a 52% protection rate”.

“We are still far away from massive vaccination. We should have only accepted vaccines that were being recommended by the EU and the US. Our government hasn’t followed a clear strategy from the start. We need another 5 months for a complete inoculation if planning goes right and the supply remains constant,” he said.

The medical expert also added that there are uncertainties regarding the restrictive measures currently in place.

“After 12 AM the intensity drops, while all measures have been waved during the day time, when the population density is at its highest. We need measures that are based on science and restore trust amongst citizens,” said Koduzi.

Koduzi continued by calling the role of the Technical Committee of Experts, a political one, adding that such a fact was confirmed especially after the resignation of renowned doctor, Dritan Kalo as well as in the case of pushing back the music curfew, right after the protests of bar owners in Vlora.

“They make political decisions, not ones that are based on scientific evidence. Doctor Kalo is a prime example that speaks to the reality that the Committee of Experts is a political one. The strategy that they are following, even when it comes to facing the pandemic by concentrating all patients into one single hospital is wrong. The pandemic should be faced by the entire healthcare system. The deflection of all the elements of the healthcare system led them to a collapse,” he added.

Koduzi also added that the government has only carried out one partial reimbursement, emphasizing that “for the first trimester of 2021, around 19 million and 758 thousand ALL have been given out to 4 498 citizens, which comes down to 4 thousand 300 ALL per person,” that according to him, is only enough to buy vitamins.



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