Road to EU, Bushati: This nation can’t be called a state, let alone deserve to go to Brussels | Shock



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The PM of the country, Edi Rama spoke recently for Euronews, regarding Albania’s journey towards the European Union.

He emphasized that Albania isn’t ready to become a member of the EU, but it is “more than ready to start negotiations”.

Analysts Andi Bushati and Baton Haxhiu discussed during “Shock” on Euronews Albania regarding Albania’s continuous efforts, to become a part of the EU.

Analyst Bushati said that Albania isn’t ready to go to Brussels yet. He said that our country has some serious problems, amongst which he mentioned electoral theft.

“Rama is the king of outer appearances. Did the train to Europe leave already, when we weren’t ready yet? Look at the last elections, a country with a corrupted and politicized public administration, a country, which steals its citizens’ personal data and nobody reacts. Could this country, be ready for Europe? Rama has failed through the 8 years of his governance. Albania isn’t a state. It doesn’t feel like one. This nation isn’t called a state, let alone deserve going to Brussels,” said Bushati.

On the other hand, Haxhiu said that the whole matter revolves around the fact that Albania needs to do a good job in fulfilling the duties set by the EU. According to him, the overall socio-economic climate in Albania is more positive if compared with other countries in the region.

“I am an advocate of Albania doing a good job at fulfilling its duties, this is the essence. Albania does have serious problems. Albania is better than Serbia, North Macedonia, better than Kosovo, Bullgaria, Romania. It is better than all these countries, be it in terms of democracy, the press and freedoms,” claimed Haxhiu.



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