They aren’t strong, they’re yes-woman – Bushati, on Rama’s predominately female cabinet



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A few days ago, PM Rama announced his new cabinet of ministers. Out of a total 15 ministers, 12 were women. However, according to analyst Andi Bushati, this is nothing new.

During his appearance on ‘Shock’ – a talk show on Euronews Albania focused on political commentary – Bushati stated that the Rama III cabinet includes the participation of women that lack character, going as far as saying that they simply “serve as jewelry, décor” and that according to him, the only reason they are in this new position of power is because Rama chose to grant it to them.

‘Rama is their Skanderbeg’   

“In this ‘Renaissance’ government of PM Rama, we have seen women that call their chief ‘Skanderbeg’; women that call him an artist of the highest European caliber,” added Bushati.

According to the analyst, the 12 ministers don’t think for themselves, they lack individualism and have never before given any contributions to Albanian politics.

“These women have been capitulated by the prime minister. They represent the kind of person that has so little self-respect that just like the men in that government, find out they have become minister after watching it being announced on TV,” said Bushati.

‘They will need to prove themselves’

In turn, analyst Baton Haxhiu retaliated by calling Bushati’s remarks of Rama’s new government “sexist”.

“Bushati called women, females. In contrast to Bushati, I respect Albanian society much more because of its women than because of its men. They are conscientious and they are more devoted and more loyal towards institutions,” said Haxhiu.

Bushati interjected by saying that Haxhiu’s approach was even more sexist and divisive, to which Haxhiu replied by insisting that Bushati’s previous remarks were characterized by a high dose of sexism and that the women in Rama’s government will need to prove that they aren’t there because of their gender.


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