Bushati on Berisha’s defense: Embassies must bring out the facts should they truly want democracy



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Political analyst, Andi Bushati urged the US embassy to bring out the facts on Sali Berisha, should they want ‘true democracy’ to reign in Albania.

During Euronews Albania’s talk show focused on local politics and commentary – ‘Shock’ – Bushati said that from a moral perspective, Berisha should’ve been the one to back down first without the need for a debate. However, from a judicial point of view, if you can’t show the proof, you can’t give rise to a precedent.

“If the embassies really want democracy, they would do all of us a favor by bringing out the case files. But, they can’t just create a standard by which a politician, who gets voted by Albanian citizens, can’t be MP just because an embassy simply says so. We’re either in an embassocracy or in a democracy,” – said Bushati.

Bushati continued by saying that the Democratic Party is at a tough spot at the moment, due to its past.

“DP is currently standing before a great dilemma. They should either come out and admit that they’re servants of the embassy, or they should re-conceptualize their past 30 years because if Berisha is in fact a minus for our democracy and a thief of public funds, that would ruin the last 30 years of the Democratic Party because we all know that he [Berisha] was the DP,” – argued Bushati.

‘Berisha wants to drag the party down with him’

In turn, political analyst, Baton Haxhiu called Berisha’s recent statement ‘immoral’ and accused him of wanting to drag down the party with him.

Last night, Berisha replied to a question by Erla Mehilli asking him what he would do in case the Democrats end up expelling him because of this, by saying that he “would do anything to return the party back to its original stages”.

Haxhiu called Berisha “immoral” and his stance an “immoral one”.

However, Bushati sees it in another light. In fact, he claimed that Berisha’s entire interview with Erla Mehilli was ‘utterly logical’ and to the point.

“I found the interview quite logical. He said: ‘DP will be making a mistake if they don’t expel me, the moment they are presented with a single fact, but if DP condemns me because of an order issued by the US embassy, that would be a problem now wouldn’t it?” – argued Bushati.



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