Bushati: EU is showing willpower by distancing itself from America’s arrogance



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In tonight’s ‘Shock’ on Euronews Albania, political analyst, Andi Bushati said that the statement made earlier today by Luigi Soreca – about the EU’s willingness to collaborate with the Democratic Party, regardless of who is in charge – shows that the European Union is interested in holding a clear stance against acts of outer intervention in a sovereign state, in the likes of what the US has been attempting in Albania.

According to Bushati, the fact that Soreca didn’t only exclude the chance of a possible future collaboration with Berisha, but also recalled the fact that the EU collaborated with DP even when its MPs relinquished their parliamentary mandates, speaks to the fact that the EU doesn’t share the same approach as the United States on this matter.

“They have the willpower to openly admit that they are against the declaration [made by the US ambassador] that if DP doesn’t condemn Berisha, then they’ll eat grass,” – said Bushati.

In addition, Bushati argued that what the US is doing through its embassy in our country, by becoming part of an internal battle within a political party’s structures, is unacceptable and oversteps all boundaries.

“The second piece of news that has been rumored in Tirana’s diplomatic circles for some time now, in the form of a quasi-news, is that Europeans have had it with America’s arrogance.

It’s unacceptable to act like this in a sovereign country- to have a foreign embassy become part of a rivalry within a political party and the internal battle of a political party. This is too much,” – concluded Bushati.



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