Bushati: Yuri Kim’s and Rama’s interferences have made DP’s campaign absurd



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Analyst Andi Bushati considered the electoral campaign for the Democratic Party’s new leader, ‘an absurd situation’.

During Euronews Albania’s ‘Shock’, Bushati said that this only happened because of the constant interferences from the US ambassador and PM Edi Rama.

“We’re faced with an absurd situation because this is the first time ever in a political party campaign, when the US Embassy interferes, by completely desecrating this campaign and by bringing the courts in the middle of all of this. Even the government is interfering because it wants to pump up the minority group within the party that doesn’t have enough votes and make them look as powerful as possible, at all costs,” – said Bushati.

According to him, Berisha was forced to enter an anti-democratic situation because the war that his opponents are waging against him, is anti-democratic.

Meanwhile, analyst Baton Haxhiu declared that Berisha has had the same strategy since 1991 when he first joined politics.

“You are trying to change a man who has been the same since his first day in politics, since 1991. His strategy has been the same, start soft and get harsh with time. He’s never been different. That man has only one goal, to become leader,” -said Haxhiu.


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