2 years since the demolition of the National Theater, Budina denounces Basha’s ‘betrayal’



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Exactly 2 years ago, on May 17, the National Theater building was demolished.

Film director Edmond Budina said during his interview on Euronews Albania’s ‘Today’ that he and other artists who came out in defense of the national theater were betrayed by Lulzim Basha, who at the time was the leader of the Democratic Party.

Budina recounted that in the early morning hours of May 17, just before the theater began to be demolished, politicians from the oppositions told them to leave for a quick break, because they had received information that the police wouldn’t intervene that night.

“You really think that the opposition didn’t know that the theater was going to be demolished that night? Why did they tell us to leave because nothing would happen that night? The politicians who were there with us, told us to leave because we hadn’t slept for 3 nights because they had inside information that police wouldn’t intervene,” – said Budina.

In addition, he also declared that Basha didn’t respond to any of his messages, even after he had personally asked the former DP leader to not betray their cause.

“My personal opinion is that the former leader of the Democratic Party betrayed us. We were scared of this from the very beginning. I looked him in the eye, when I personally asked him not to betray us, at the first moment he walked into the room and signed the contract. Why do I say that he betrayed us? Even Ilir Meta came out and said that he had called Lulzim Basha and he hadn’t answered. He did the same thing to me, for months and months after the event,” – said the director.


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