Discover the hospitability and good spirits of the city of a thousand windows



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Known widely as the city of a thousand and one windows, from the many stone houses built along the banks of the Osum river, Berat is one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Albania. The reason being, its rich history dating back to the 7th century BC, – this city offers a mosaic of periods and a vast amount of tourist spots waiting to be explored.

The renowned gliko-s, a kind of fruit jam and rakija, – the famous Albanian alcoholic drink, also derived from fruit, are a specialty of the century-old inns and guesthouses in Berat, which add to the residents’ awesome hospitability and good spirit. Another notable aspect of the city, is the variety of ancient crafts that have passed the test of time, some of them being the stonemasons and blacksmiths. In a traditional workshop in Berat, you can still find handmade copper vessels or casks of rakija.

Back in 2008, Berat was include in the world heritage list of the Organization of Education, Science and Culture of the United Nations, (UNESCO).

This city is surrounded by the legendary mountains of Shpirag and Tomor, which according to legends, used to be two brothers, who fell in love with the same girl. This became a reason for their quarrel, and from Tomor’s sword the two lines of Shpirag were formed, after both of them were killed. The young girl, who loved them both was so distraught, that she lamented their death through her tears, which as the legend goes, became the river Osum.

The Castle of Berat is one of the only ones still inhabited to this day, and in almost 10 hectares of space, it includes historical trails of many different eras. In it you can find several churches, at least two mosques, as well as the National Iconographic Museum of Onufri.

The neighborhood beyond the river Osum, Gjorica, is also well-known for its many old churches and characteristic houses.



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