Learn about the ancient history and unexplored beaches of Fier



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Known for its ancient history and archeological sites, Fier is amongst the most visited counties by tourists in all of Albania. The ancient city of Apollonia dates back 2600 years ago, and the medieval monastery of Ardenica are amongst the key tourist attractions that you have to visit once you arrive to Fier.

However, in the next series of ‘Travellers’, the focus will be on other aspects that make Fier that more attractive for visitors.

The city of Fier is located around 114 km south of Tirana – around a two-hour car drive. Its name is thought to have originated from the fier plant, because the villages surrounding this city are predominantly named after plants.

In terms of historic tourism, Fier offers a thoroughly enriching museum, where you can marvel at rare archeological and ethnographic objects.

In this museum, you can see exhibitions of the Neolithic era showcasing blades, knives and utility objects that date back 40-30 thousand years ago, found in the area of Cakran.

Other interesting findings are the ceramic objects described as lotore, where researchers say that people of the time used to keep their perfumes. The ethnographic pavilion also offers objects of great significance, which give hints at the life and customs of the time through traditional and aristocratic clothes.

But another less known side of Fier is that it also offers a short coastline that includes beautiful beaches that have been untouched by urbanism. Apart from Darzeza and the beach of Seman, Fier’s coastline offers other areas that are worth visiting, especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Around 18 km southwest of the city center – or around half an hour by car, – you can find the village Pishe-Poro, that is located close to the coast and hosts the ‘Natural Reservoir Pishe-Poro’, which stretches along 500 hectares and has been designated a protected site, containing over 5 small lakes, – pine trees, brushes, junipers and many other kinds of birds and wildlife, most notably flamingos, which use this site during their migration.

Travellers’ Trip-Advisor:

Travellers recommends that when exploring the area of Pishe-Poro, you bring with you, sunscreen in order to protect yourself from the harsh sun. We also recommend that you don’t pollute the natural landscape because the area is particularly exceptional and categorized as a ‘protected site’.

Travellers also advise that during your stay in Fier you choose Comfort Hotel as your go-to spot for accommodation.



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