Discovering Tepelena, bounded by breathtaking mountains and canyons



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Well-known for Ali Pasha’s Castle, a myriad of traditional values, songs, traditional vests, and dances, Tepelena has a lot to offer to those who want to visit it, from its beautiful landscapes to historical sites visited by our very own travelers Loneta Progni and Renaldo Salianji.

Ali Pasha Castle
Ali Pasha Castle

Their first stop is in the city of Tepelena, well known for the very talented groups signing polyphonic music.

But the most exceptional part of the polyphonic group “Bijtë e Tepelenës”, translated as the Sons of Tepelena, is in its most senior members, Luan and Tefta, who have been signing for over 40 years.

Tepelena is also known for its breathtaking natural landscape, in particular the village of Gllava, now with a population of only 30 households mainly making a living from livestock, while the rest of the village has emigrated abroad.

Cuka Peak in Gllava

Renaldo hiked at the Cuka Peak in Gllava rising at 1,200 meters above sea level and offering a far-reaching view of the entire southern part of Albania, including Sazan Island, Mountain of Shpirag, and the Tomorri Mountain.

In an almost one-hour drive away you may find Nivica, a road filled with plenty of mind-blowing views and other natural attractions.

Hidden in this path is also the Peshtura Waterfall, found in Progonat. To reach there you will have to cross through the mountains of Tepelena.

Peshtura Waterfall

The last stop is Nivica. Its city center was restored 4 years ago, and it is known for the heartwarming hospitality and countless beauties of its canyons.

At a certain point, the canyons reach a depth of 200 meters, although very little water runs there during the summer season. There you will find two cascades and the “Cave with the Sky” as the locals like to call it, which bears the shape of the grand bridge and is characterized by its unique flora.



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