Walking into the footsteps of Himara’s history and its white rocky beaches



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Porto Palermo and white rocky beaches are only a few of the reasons that make Himara one of the most visited spots by tourists during the summer season. Our very own travelers, Loneta Progni and Renaldo Salianji, went there to discover what makes the town and its beaches so distinctive.

The fortress of Porto Palermo, known also as the castle of Ali Pasha of Tepelena, was built as a gift to one of his wives, Vasiliqi, believed to be his favorite.

At only 6 kilometers away from Himara’s center, above the tiny tectonic bay of Porto Palermo, stands one of Albania’s best well-kept forts. Walking inside gives a feeling of stepping into the traces of history, from the paintings of Ali Pasha on the wall, to his own personal room and harem.

The Fortress of Porto Palermo

Nowadays, its terrace offers an astonishing view of the surrounding beaches but during the time of the Ottoman invasion, it served to defend from the enemies who oftentimes came from the sea.

During the Albanian Monarchy, the fort served as an internment camp, and during the Communist regime, in 1946, it was designated as a cultural monument.

Himara has a lot to offer to thrill-seekers too. Filikuri bay is known for its icy waters that result from the nearby Potam fountain. For those keen to visit, the bay is reachable through the sea by canoeing or walking for approximately one hour.

Filikuri Bay

What makes Filikuri so distinctive is that if you dig on the coast, you may find drinking water, thanks to inland water sources.



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