Explore the idyllic landscapes and cyan beaches of Borsh



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Surrounded by olive groves that naturally blend in with the calming blue nuances of the sea, Borsh is a village in southern Albania that attracts visitors not only because of its beautiful coast but also for its many historic landmarks. Euronews Albania’s most recent travel series decided to stop right here, to show a different side of all that Borsh has to offer.

Borshi, which is only 18 km away from Himara, has a long shoreline reaching up to 7 km.

The Castle of Borsh was built on top of the ruins of the ancient city and is found only 3 km to the northwest of the village. It is raised on a high mountain ridge and dates back to the 5th century AC. Since then, it has been seen as a strategic point, serving as a connecting bridge between the Ceraunian Mountains (Llogara) and the sea.

View from Castle of Borsh. © ata.gov.al

The suitable geographic position and the many water springs and mountains have made this area a favorable place to settle and live in, since antiquity. The Castle was destroyed and rebuilt during the Middle Ages.

It has been occupied by many conquerers like the Ottomans and even Ali Pasha Tepelena, during the 8th century. Once upon a time, within the inner walls of this castle, there used to live an entire civilization but today only its ruins and old walls remain.

The view from the Castle however, is priceless and shouldn’t be missed.

Borsh has one of the longest shorelines in the Riviera. © Himara Municipality

For adventure lovers, Borsh is the perfect place for a summer holiday, where long days on the beach can be combined with horseback rides, visits to the village and hikes up the surrounding peaks.

Don’t miss out on a traditional dessert called ‘fucka’ also. All you have to do is ask around, as hospitality in Borsh is another gem you can find yourself immersed in, while visiting.



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