Permet – the City of Roses, with a hint of adventure, tradition and thermal springs



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Permet, the city of roses is the next destination visited by the hosts of ‘Travellers’, the show that is planning to traverse the entire territory of Albania, from north to south during the course of 40 days.

Located on the left of the upper stream of Vjosa River, it is the ideal place to spend the weekend as it offers a variety of activities from walks to the Canyon of Lengarica, to exploring the local cuisine and resting in the thermal baths in Bënjë.

Known since antiquity, the Sulphur water springs are spread across both sides of the Lengarica Canyon. Locals say that each spring possesses different therapeutic qualities for the treatment of diseases of the skin, stomach, kidneys and even rheumatism.

The thermal springs are 100% natural and they get poured into small pool-like basins that represent a precious national heritage.

View from Katiu Bridge in Permet, Albania

Inside, you can also find thermal clay that is advisable for treating many skin conditions apart from simply being incredibly rich in minerals and nutrients that are healthy for our skin, which is why they are used in so many face masks and body scrubs.

The temperature of the springs varies from 22-28 degrees Celsius and stays the same during the entire year.

After stopping by the thermal baths of Bënja, another interesting attraction definitely worth visiting is the Katiu Bridge, built during the 18th century and still in great condition.

For all adventure lovers, we propose you explore Permet’s Canyon, which is found around 200 meters away from the thermal springs. The river flow makes it possible for a rich ecosystem to grow on both sides of the river banks.

“The City of Roses” is known for its traditional products, amongst which the famous gliko-s and the Permet burek that are coveted by all of Albania, apart from recently starting to gain recognition within tourist circles.

Music is another identifying trait of the city of Permet. ‘Sazet e Permetit’ is a local band that continues to keep the local folk music and songs alive and relevant.

Laver Bariu, the master of the clarinet was the founder of this band, that is now cherished and respected nationwide.

“Our ancestors left us with a great treasure. Music is part of our city’s great values,” said the nephew of Laver Bariu, who is now part of the music band that continues his family’s tradition. Together with the rest of the band, he tries to pass on this gift and cultural legacy from generation to generation.



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