“Wait 2 days”, Belind Kellici warns Veliaj: Here is the big step I plan to take

Belind Kellici, who is running for mayor of Tirana in the May 14 local elections, said that within two days he will address one of the capital’s biggest problems.

Invited to the show “Now” on Euronews Albania, he said that Tirana does not have the luxury of having ghost apartments and a stock of 40,000 unsold and unused apartments, as it currently has and for which Kellici accuses the current mayor Veliaj.

“In the following days, if not the day after tomorrow, I will announce a measure that will be directly related to vacant apartments in Tirana. When the current mayor was elected mayor in 2015, he stated that he was against the construction because there was a stock of 8,000 apartments, and without these being sold once, he would not grant a construction permit. Today we know he has given 6.1 million concrete construction permits and the stock has gone from 8,000 to 40,000. This is exactly why, I will without question take a measure that I will make public, if not tomorrow, on Friday, because I want to be very certain about the measure I want to take. Tirana does not have the luxury of having ghost apartments, such a large stock of uninhabited apartments, and continuing to allow the city’s mayor to give out more permits”, said Belind Kellici.