“Where will you find the money for the campaign?”, Bushati-Kellici: Tell us, where does it come from? 

Andi Bushati asked the candidate for the Mayor of Tirana, Belind Kellici, where he gets the money for the campaign, since the Democratic Party of Albania led by Enkelejd Alibeaj will be financed.

Invited to the show “Now”, in Euronews Albania, he said that in general the money for the campaigns comes from the oligarchs, or from the main builders, so he does not believe that construction in Tirana will stop.

On the other hand, Belind Kellici said that he is ready to reveal the source of funding for his campaign.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Andi Bushati: Alibeaj also took one million euros that you should have received from the state. You practically have to run a campaign with no money. Usually, we know that the campaign money pays the oligarchs and the main builders, so I don’t believe what won’t stop the construction. The first thing to do in a credible program is to show where you find your campaign money.

Belind Kellici: I have the impression that it is very difficult for me to be seen in the media or for routine activities, both because of the lack of funds and because of the modest campaign that I am leading because of the lack of funds. Because of these exact difficulties that you are mentioning. I am telling you that I will make all expenses public if necessary before the official period because I am obliged to do so. Even now, I have disclosed the number of the bank account where the funds are being deposited. The media was also concerned about why I was paying for Facebook.