Will YouTube be launched to Albania? Acromax brings information after meetings in Berlin



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Despite the fact that Acromax represents as a duly certified partner more music brands, among them ArkivaShqip, as well as most televisions in Albania and Kosovo, the question has remained for many years when it will be possible for artists and televisions to have the opportunity to benefit from YouTube clicks when they are clicked in Albania.

Currently an artist or show needs to generate clicks in countries where YouTube has launched ad sales like Germany, Austria, America, etc. in order to generate revenue. Every click from Albania or Kosovo does not generate income. From Acromax’s partners alone, up to 600 million “damage” clicks are generated every month without being paid.

In an evening in Berlin, Acromax employees Xhesilda Projka and Glanduela Leci represented Acromax CEO Aldor Nini, and received more information about the status of Albania in the process of expanding the countries in which YouTube will begin soon.

First of all, the Google advertising system will have to recognize the Albanian language so that the advertising services can work from the territory of Albania, something that has not yet been done. Secondly, the legal bases must be created so that Albania is in line with European and international standards, not only in terms of the laws related to copyright but also those of taxes and other laws.

Thirdly, YouTube should make agreements with the collective agencies in Albania, but they should have the skills not only to distribute the revenues related to copyrights properly, authors, performers, etc., but also the computer systems to process the data from platforms. To this day, agencies distribute revenue with Excel. Fourth, it must be the will of YouTube that a country like Albania be added to the long list of countries, from which countries in which YouTube is no longer interested in staying can be removed, so the addition of a country like Albania seems even more difficult.

Despite this news, Acromax was assured that at the first moment that Albania will be in discussion to be added to this list, they will be among the first to receive this information.

Regarding some of the above-mentioned points, they are totally in the hands of the Albanian government. One of those, for example, that will be elementary is the operation of collective agencies, represented by SUADA for revenue collection, and licensed by the Ministry of Culture for their distribution. We note that currently most of Acromax’s partners do not benefit from income from these agencies, but also the collection does not work as the law provides.

This means, there is a lot of work, and if we manage to do our homework, we will still be dependent on a decision-making that is in our hands, whether we will be included in the long-awaited list of countries where it will be added selling advertising.