7.5 million tourists came to Albania in 2022, majority Spanish and English 

In 2022, 13 million visitors have come to Albania, of which 7.5 million are foreign citizens.

The data for the full year come from the Institute of Statistics, which includes December, when 965 thousand people visited the country.

Compared to 2021, visits have increased by 33%, a number that speaks of the highest flow ever recorded.

The largest number of visitors, most of them tourists, came from Kosovo, North Macedonia and Italy.

Meanwhile, from Spain and England there has been a greater increase in travelers compared to 2021.

The addition of airlines, investment in tourism, and developing sports and music activities have influenced the expansion of visits during the past year.

Another factor has been the fading of the COVID pandemic, where due to the movement the flow of trips abroad by Albanians has also increased.

The data show that the number of Albanian citizens leaving Albania in 2022 is 5.8 million with an increase of about 40% compared to the previous year.