Albania to continue participation in NATO’s mission to Bulgaria



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Albanian Armed Forces will continue to play a part in NATO’s mission to monitor Bulgaria.

In the government’s latest decisions on Tuesday, two decisions were announced concerning the Armed Forces’ involvement in the monitoring mission in Bulgaria. The first decision relates to the approval of the accession note for the Ministry of Defense to join the technical agreement between the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense and the Italian Ministry of Defense. This agreement concerns NATO’s expanded surveillance activities in Bulgaria and the provision of host nation support and other responsibilities.

The mission of the Albanian Armed Forces personnel is to support the multinational battlegroup in securing NATO’s eastern border within the designated area of responsibility. The deployment location for the Albanian Armed Forces is in Novo Selo, Bulgaria.

The second decision concerns payments. The Ministry of Defense will cover expenses for military personnel participating in this operation, including daily allowances during their stay, which will be set at 8000 Albanian lek per day, up from the previous 6000 lek. Additionally, the ministry will cover accommodation, food, laundry, life insurance, health insurance outside the operational area, health support, expenses for telephone, internet, and postal services, transportation, and transportation of separated mission personnel back home in the case of death, illness, or disciplinary break. Social-cultural activities during national holidays while performing the mission will also be covered. Any other expenses related to the operation will be funded by the Ministry of Defense.

Transportation for personnel involved in the mission to Bulgaria, including departure, changes during duty, and ending the mission to return to Albania, as well as health support, accommodation, food, water, laundry, and transportation of separated individuals back home in case of death, illness, or disciplinary break, will all be supported by the Ministry of Defense budget. In cases where bilateral or multilateral agreements are reached, and the other party/parties take over some expenses, those will be excluded from the Ministry of Defense budget. The financial effects resulting from the implementation of this decision will also be covered by the Ministry of Defense budget.