Andi Bushati breaks down the “scheme”: How Edi Rama was implicated in the US scandal

Analyst Andi Bushati says that he cannot be sure that Prime Minister Edi Rama gave $225 thousand dollars to the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal.

During Euronews Albania’s “NOW with Erla Mehilli”, Bushati said that there are a number of circumstances that implicate Rama in a very serious way since the latter has held meetings with McGonigal that have not been made public.

“What is my thesis? I am not 100% sure that Rama took the $225 thousand dollars to the FBI official, but there are a number of circumstances that implicate the prime minister of my country in a very serious way. He held several meetings with the FBI official. Ask any minister of this Republic when he meets a high official of this level Is it the embassy? It was not. There is great pride in announcing on Facebook, I met the head of counterintelligence of the FBI, but there was no post from Rama. You cannot meet such a high-ranking FBI official and keep two dealers in the office, without a security clearance, and without any public records. Why this mystery of the meetings between him and Rama? Was he talking about the interests of the country or was he behaving like a lobbyist and had to keep the meeting a mystery?”, he emphasized.