“Anywhere and anytime with Vodafone” – A documentary dedicated to the transformation of communication



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“Once upon a time, between the mountains, the echo of men was emitted, as the only means of communication, between people who lived far from each other”. This is how the documentary “Anywhere and anytime with Vodafone… the story of a technological revolution in Albania” begins, with its premiere held last night on the big screen of the cinema, in the presence of Vodafone’s associates, partners and teams, in the 21 years of operation in the Albanian market.

In this documentary, the nostalgic past of phone booths meets the digital present and the future of artificial intelligence that offers endless solutions, even facilities for businesses and agriculture.

A success story of Vodafone in Albania, of the transformation of communication and the technological revolution that Albanian society is experiencing thanks to the strategic and visionary investments in the country, thanks to the entry into the Albanian market, in 2001, of the Vodafone Group, the first powerful international brand, the leader and pioneer of telecommunications and technology in the world.

Ariola Mata, Head of Brand and Media at Vodafone Albania, stated during the ceremony that: “The contribution, investments, technological developments in these 21 years of Vodafone in the Albanian market, are undoubtedly a great achievement, a success story, which we would like to share today with all of you”.

At the premiere of the documentary, was introduced, the new General Director of Vodafone Albania, Balazs Revesz. He promised that Vodafone will continue the technological and digital revolution in Albania.

“I look at these two excellent partners: Vodafone and Albania. I am amazed by the development of the country, by the innovative power of Albania. The speed with which the country is transforming, is extraordinary. And my duty as a leader is to take this partnership and legacy further. The future sees Vodafone Albania as a fully technological company, with excellent customer service, fantastic products and services for individuals and businesses, the government’s trusted partner in the digital agenda, always a leader in technological investments in the country. Everyone who is present in this room can do it. Together we can make this company even bigger, for the benefit of Albanian citizens, businesses and partners. Because our motto is not just a marketing slogan, but something we really believe in: Together We Can”, said Balasz Revesz CEO of Vodafone Albania.




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