Barometer findings/ Which nation discriminates against Albanians the most?

Even though they are our neighbors and history connects us with them quite a lot, Albanians feel more discriminated against by the Greek people.

Asked by the Barometer in Euronews Albania, which of the European nations are more discriminatory towards Albanian immigrants, 66.5% of them said Greeks.

With a significant difference margin, the list follows with the English at 13.3%, the French at 7.3%, the Germans at 4%, the Italians at 3.5%, the Dutch at 1.3%, the Nordics at 1.2%, the Austrians at 1.1%, the Swiss 0.8%, the Belgians 0.6% and the Spanish at 0.5%.

Meanwhile, when we ask them who they believe to be the most hospitable nation towards Albanians, the first place is occupied by the Italians at 38.7%, followed by the Germans at 33.6%, the Greeks at 8.4%, the English at 5.1%, the Swiss at 1.7%, the French at 1.4%, the Belgians and the Spanish at 0.6%, the Dutch at 0.5% and the Nordics at 0.4%.