Berisha: Summits held in Tirana were just meetings, DP strongly supports Ukraine



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Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has stated that the two summits that were held in Tirana were actually just meetings.

Berisha made the comments during the speech from the window of his apartment, where he is serving the sentence of “house arrest” on charges of corruption.

Berisha said that Democratic Party (DP) strongly supports regional cooperation and Ukraine’s struggle and has been a promoter of the country’s integration processes in Europe.

Berisha’s reaction:

The warmest greetings, the most boundless gratitude to the resistance and resistance fighters, fighters of truth, freedom and dignity.

It is a special pleasure to greet you, to express the greatest respect and gratitude for your mission, a mission of enlightening the minds and hearts of Albanians.

The mission of a parliament of truth, which today suffers from one of the most perverse, most deceptive propaganda in Europe.

Mission, which faces the most corrupt regime in Europe and one of the most corrupt in the world.

Yesterday and today, two meetings are being called summits, but the truth is they were not, but they were meetings.

A regional meeting on Ukraine and a Western Balkans meeting on the regional growth mechanism.

DP has supported and strongly supports regional cooperation. It has supported and strongly supports Ukraine among the first, its battle against barbaric Russian aggression, its battle for Europe, for all free peoples.

DP has been and is a promoter of integration processes in Europe, in the Euro-Atlantic space, and this has been and remains the main pillar.

But I hope that no Albanian will confuse the geostrategy, the propaganda gloss with the reality of these two meetings.