Berisha to be forcibly brought to court for slander, announces Mayor of Tirana



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Sali Berisha will be forcibly brought to court to face the accusation of defamation. The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj shared the news with journalists, coming out of the Court against Corruption and Organized Crime this Monday.

“Today, I am the initiator of an accusation against Berisha, who has been swearing and cursing for over 30 years, but everything has a limit. Berisha must prove these stories full of slander and false accusations with Iranians to the court. He has been inviting me to a debate for a long time. Today was the time, but he did not come, because he is the biggest coward in the country. Berisha has promoted the culture of slandering without any responsibilities. Today it was decided that on May 19th at 11:00, Berisha will be compulsorily accompanied by the police to court,” said Veliaj.

In a statement to the media some time ago, former prime minister Sali Berisha accused Erion Veliaj of having ties to Iran.

“The only politician in Albania with ties to Iran is Erion Veliaj. His trips to Tehran, during the time I was prime minister, were frequent and real, according to agencies of partner countries. I’ve not been able to find out what his connection to Tehran is. I know that Edi Rama also made the trip. In that case, according to some incomplete information, there was a meeting of the Socialist International. I don’t know what dimension these ties have and whether they are business related or other connections. I just know that Veliaj made frequent trips to Tehran,” declared Berisha.