Blinken: Next month, the NATO airbase opens in Kuçovë



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The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, during the joint press conference with Prime Minister Rama, also announced that the NATO air base in Kucovë will be opened next month.

Blinken congratulated Albania for the contribution made during the 15 years of its accession to NATO, describing it as a reliable partner.

“During its 15 years in NATO, Albania has made significant contributions to our alliance. Albanian troops help to maintain peace in Kosovo, to curb Russia’s aggression in NATO’s eastern flank. Next month, will inaugurate the NATO air base in Kuçovë. All 31 of our soon-to-be 32 allies bring different experiences and skills, but each has the same commitment to help each other and sacrifice. In recent years, each NATO country has increased the percentage for defense to 2% of GDP, so the alliance is even stronger today thanks to this. We are grateful that Albania is doing its part and is committed to keeping its obligations”, said Blinken.

Blinken also emphasized that part of the discussions was the construction of the NATO naval base in the Port of Durrës, but its construction depends on the alliance’s plan for the distribution of assets and logistics.

“When it comes to the naval base in the Port of Durrës, this is something we have discussed and will continue to discuss through NATO and the asset deployment plan,” said Blinken.

Meanwhile, when asked if the Western Balkans are being threatened by Russia, Blinken replied that President Biden’s focus is security.

“This is not an active capability, but it is something potential that we are taking very seriously. I expect to have something to say very soon. We are discussing this matter with allies and partners.

The most important thing among others is that President Biden’s focus is the security of the United States and the people of the United States. In any other matter, this is the first thing he thinks about and this is where his focus lies”, said Blinken.