Bujar Osmani confirmed to run for president in North Macedonia



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The Democratic Union for Integration (BDI) presented Bujar Osmani as the candidate of this party in the presidential elections in North Macedonia, which will be held on April 24.

This was announced by the chairman of the DUI, Ali Ahmeti, through a video message, while calling for “unity” to say, according to him, “NO to Russia, YES to Europe”.

Bujar Osmani is currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia and vice president of the DUI.

“Bujar [Osmani] has proven himself in the domestic and international scene and has persevered in the battle against Russia as well as been part of our team for the constitutional changes, NATO accession, and the start of negotiations for EU membership,” Ahmeti said, describing Russia as a serious threat to the world.

The DUI leader also presented the request for the installation of the post of vice president of North Macedonia, which, according to him, together with the president, should be elected in the future by the Assembly of North Macedonia, and not in direct elections.

Ahmeti said that only in this way can North Macedonia have a consensual president.

“With Bujar [Osmani], we are starting the most important referendum of the time and the next battle to gain your trust to elect the president in the Assembly with a two-thirds majority and with Badinter, to realize our vision for a consensual president. This trust of yours will enable us to open the Constitution to realize the Agreement with Bulgaria and unblock European integration, so we say NO to Russia!” Ahmeti said.

According to Ahmeti, the change in the Constitution should be made to include the Bulgarian minority in its preamble and unblock the integration process into the EU.

Ahmeti said that the DUI will not be part of any future government that does not accept the amendment of the Constitution of North Macedonia.

The request of the DUI for the election of the president in the Assembly is the same as that of the candidate of the Albanian opposition, Arben Taravari, who was presented on Wednesday night. Furthermore, Taravari said that the amendment should also include the removal of the term “20 percent” for the Albanian language or its redefinition as “Albanian language”.

“Now we have the opportunity to strengthen consensual democracy constitutionally together, now we can secure one of the three main state posts to automatically belong to Albanians as the second majority nation in North Macedonia,” said the presidential candidate of the Albanian opposition.

Statements by Albanian political representatives in power and opposition follow the moment when the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) in power announced on Wednesday that the party leadership has decided that the current president, Stevo Pendarovski, will be its candidate for the presidential elections to be held on April 24.

Meanwhile, the Macedonian opposition party VMRO-DPMNE announced in a statement that its party deputy, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, is the only one who has submitted her candidacy for president.

Whether she will enter the presidential race for the second time will be known after the party convention on March 2.

The Left Party has also submitted its candidacy for president, and several other political parties will do the same.

Presidential elections in North Macedonia will be held in two rounds, the first on April 24, while the second round will be held together with the parliamentary elections on May 8.