Democratic Union for Integration to present its own candidate for president



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The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) will participate in the race for the President of North Macedonia, but the leader of this party, Ali Ahmeti, will not be a presidential candidate. This was announced by DUI, commenting on reports that its leader would be one of the candidates in the presidential elections.

The presidential elections of North Macedonia will be held in two rounds, the first on April 24, while the second round will be held together with the parliamentary elections on May 8.

The technical Prime Minister, Talat Xhaferi, said on February 20, that he does not think Ali Ahmeti would accept the candidacy for president because “He [Ali Ahmeti] has the mission of European integration and is working towards that mission”.

“He doesn’t need to show who he is and how much he has contributed to this country and its citizens. I don’t think it’s a priority for him to compete for any position. If he wanted, he could have had any position in the state in these 22 years,” Xhaferi declared, who is a member of the leadership of DUI.

Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, announced through social networks that Ahmeti will soon come out with “big news”, but without specifying whether another candidate for president will be presented.

Grubi told the media that “the membership of DUI is in favor of the candidacy of Ali Ahmeti”, but Ahmeti, according to him, prefers to work for “a mission and not for a function”.

Unofficially, one of the names mentioned in the public opinion is also that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani.

Meanwhile, with the possible coming out of DUI with a presidential candidate, the announcement of the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) that the parties in power will come out with a common presidential candidate is undermined.

The leader of SDSM, Dimitar Kovačevski, said that this party will participate with its candidate in the elections, whom he believes will be acceptable to all citizens.

“We have candidates who meet all the criteria to represent all citizens, personalities who share European values, who are committed to the country’s integration into the European Union,” Kovačevski said, not excluding the possibility of the current president, Stevo Pendarovski, running for presidency.

So far, only the united Albanian opposition has announced its presidential candidates, which will compete with Arben Taravari and the Left Party with Biljana Vankovska.

The candidate of the Albanian opposition also has the support of the Self-Determination Movement led by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

Bekim Qoku, Kurti’s advisor, signed the declaration of the united Albanian opposition for joint participation also in the parliamentary elections, on May 8.

The Macedonian opposition led by VMRO-DPMNE said that its candidate will be announced at the party convention on March 2.

The deadline for the announcement of presidential candidacies expires on March 19.

Candidates can be proposed in the Assembly by 30 deputies or collect 10,000 signatures from citizens.

Only SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE do not need signatures since they are represented in the Assembly by more than 30 deputies.