Former Democratic MP: I will return to politics and run for mayor in Tirana



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The former MP of the Democratic Party, Lajla Pernaska, declared that she will return to politics.

In an interview for Euronews Albania, Pernaska said that the only way to return to politics and make a real contribution is to run for the Municipality of Tirana.

Pernaska underlined that it does not matter who she will compete with, implying that she can also be an independent candidate.

“The only way to make a real contribution is to run for the head of the Municipality of Tirana. The logo is a technical matter, the logo doesn’t matter to me. For me, commitment, responsibility and in compliance with the rules and system we have in force, we contribute. I am ready to give my contribution to Tirana. I know Tirana and its problems very well”, she emphasized.



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