Fuel prices go down, Transparency Board announces new list of fixed prices 

The Transparency Board has once again changed fuel trading prices in our country.

After the increase experienced yesterday in the price of oil and gasoline, this Thursday they have suffered a slight decrease.

The retail price of diesel should be no more than 206 ALL/liter, marking a decrease of 4 ALL per liter.

The retail price of gasoline will be no more than 191 ALL/liter, suffering a decrease of 1 ALL per liter since yesterday.

While the retail price of gas will be 69 ALL/liter retail and wholesale 57 ALL/liter for vehicles.

The price of diesel for fishing is set at 116 ALL/liter.

The board informed that the new prices will come into effect on January 26, at 18.00, and will be valid until the next board meeting when changes in sales prices will be reflected.