“Hovenier angry with Kosovo” said former US Assistant regarding tensions in the north



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Former US Assistant Secretary of State, Daniel Fried, has spoken about the recent developments in the north of Kosovo.

Fried has said that the situation created in the north of Kosovo is rooted in Serbia’s non-acceptance of the irreversible reality of Kosovo’s independence, but that the responsibility for the decision-making that led to the recent incidents is on Kosovo.

The former American diplomat has stated that the government of Kosovo must admit that it was wrong and withdraw.

Fried has said that he does not remember since 2008, a representative of the American government has been as angry as the American ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, appeared at the press conference, Express reports.

According to him, the relations between the United States of America and Kosovo have deteriorated a lot.

“At the same time, the current crisis seems to have been caused by the mistakes of the Kosovo government. So, as a whole, Serbia may be responsible for this strange situation, but the current crisis is something that has caused, I would say, the anger of the United States. I don’t like to use this word, but I read the full statement of Mr. Hovenier, the American ambassador to Kosovo, at the press conference. And since Kosovo’s independence in 2008, I don’t remember a representative of the US government being as angry as he seemed. I think that the government of Kosovo has certainly made the decision under difficult circumstances, but the decision worsened the situation much more, which was already complicated. This has resulted in the strong deterioration of the relations of the United States with Kosovo. And that serves no one. It’s a pity”, stated Fried, in an interview for the Serbian-language service of the Voice of America.

Fried said that Hovenier’s focus on the responsibility of the Kosovo government was a sign that the United States is seriously angry with the decisions of the Kosovo government.





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