Interior Minister reacts after Special units’ protest in Kosovo



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Kosovo’s Interior Minister, Xhelal Sveçla, said on Wednesday that the Kosovo Police enjoys “special support and focus”, after two special police units protested in front of the Kosovo Government building earlier in the day, demanding an increase in dangerousness allowances in work.

Members of the Special Intervention Unit of the Kosovo Police and the Unit for the Handling of Explosive Devices during the protest in Pristina expressed several demands, such as categorization as special units and inclusion in the list of experts, the riskiness to be determined at 50 percent of the basic salary and have allowances for specific working conditions.

In a reaction after the protest on the Facebook social network, Sveçla said that the average monthly income during this year of the officials who protested today “is over 2,200 euros”, without giving any additional details.

“As the Minister of Internal Affairs, from 9 executive agencies, the Kosovo Police has had special support and focus in order to mobilize in the fight against crime, smuggling, the protection of territorial integrity and sovereignty. From the Kosovo Police itself, the Special Units have had and continue to have the greatest support, both financially and with the rise in structure,” Sveçla wrote.

However, a representative of the elite police units said during the protest that “there has also been a decrease in the categorization of dangerousness, even the special allowance that we have enjoyed since 2010, was stopped entirely”.

Last week, the Government of Kosovo announced the allowances for dangerousness at work, divided into seven categories.