Kellici clarifies his past statement: The truth behind the public transit ticket that I plan to eradicate

Sali Berisha’s candidate for the municipality of Tirana, Belind Kellici, explained during the Now show on Euronews Albania the statement that he will provide free transportation for the residents of the capital.

Kellici said that it is about the removal of a second payment that will enable the removal of the fee of 40 lek.

According to Kellici, the amount spent by the citizens of Tirana for public transport is only 6.8 percent of the municipal budget and easily affordable.

“After consultations with public transport associations, I received data that this service is used by 200 thousand citizens per day, a part of which is subsidized, and of which there are 140 thousand tickets that cost citizens 56 million old lek per day, or 1.5 million euros per month, or 18 million per year. The budget of the municipality is 240 million euros, this will be 6.8 percent of the budget”, said Kellici.