Kosovo, new mayors of north municipalities to be sworn in on Thursday



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Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti confirmed that the swearing in of the new mayors of the northern municipalities will take place on Thursday, in public buildings. Kurti said that it is not normal that these municipalities have been without a mayor for 6 months, leaving citizens without municipal services.

The head of the Kosovar executive stated that their actions are centered on the democratic functioning of state institutions and the guarantee of public services for all citizens without distinction.

While mentioning the swearing in of Erden Atić as the mayor of North Mitrovica, Kurti said that Belgrade influenced the low turnout of Serbian citizens in the April local elections held in the northern municipalities.

The mayors elected in the three northern municipalities are expected to be sworn in on Thursday at 10:00, in the public facilities of the municipalities and not at the municipal assemblies.

In a solemn session in the facility of the Municipality of Northern Mitrovica last Friday (May 19th), Erden Atić was sworn in as the mayor. His first decision was the appointment of Katarina Adjancić from the Serbian community as deputy mayor of the municipality.



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