Limited transparency in central institutions, only 38% with high proactivity



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After assessing transparency in local institutions, the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data in Albania has made public the second index related to central and dependent institutions.

According to the results, only 92 institutions, or 38 percent of the total, have shown high proactivity, thus being considered transparent institutions. The second and more massive part falls into the second category with average proactivity.

According to the Commissioner’s explanation, all central and dependent institutions are ranked in the “Proactive Transparency Index” based on monitoring results using the traffic light methodology, starting with public authorities that have accumulated the highest number of points and continuing in descending order, according to the respective groups.

“At the conclusion of the proactive transparency monitoring, we note that 92 central and dependent public authorities have been classified with high proactive transparency and are marked with green lights on the traffic light; 125 public authorities are classified with average proactive transparency and are marked with white lights on the traffic light; 21 public authorities are classified with low proactive transparency and are marked with yellow lights on the traffic light; 4 public authorities are classified with insufficient proactive transparency and are marked with red lights on the traffic light. Compared to last year’s findings, an increase in transparency among public authorities with green traffic lights can be highlighted, from 12% last year to 38% for this year, which also marks the most significant improvement made by all previous years in the proactive transparency of central and dependent public authorities,” evaluates the Commissioner.

The indicators used in the calculation include: transparency program, structure of the public authority, functions and duties, CV of the holder, legislation, information coordinator, monitoring and auditing reports, 2023 budget, procurement forecasts register, requests and responses register.

The findings in the report published by the Commissioner’s office aim to raise awareness for the implementation of the law on the right to information and to increase the level of transparency through proactive publication of information by this category of public authorities.