Albania-Kosovo meeting cancelled! Rama: I requested a bilateral meeting with Kurti



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“The meeting of the two Albania-Kosovo governments has been cancelled”. This is what Prime Minister Rama said this Tuesday afternoon in an emergency press conference.

He said that after communicating with the head of European diplomacy, he requested a meeting with Prime Minister Albin Kurti and with the foreign and defense ministers to discuss this situation which, according to him, is “dramatically tearing Kosovo apart from the European community.” Atlantic”, but there was no agreement with Prime Minister Kurti for this format change.

Kurti requested that the meeting be held numerically, but this is not possible according to Rama.

“Condolence for this unusual hour, but it is an extraordinary communication, which is related to tomorrow’s meeting of the two governments in Gjakove.

I have informed Prime Minister Kurti that in the conditions of hourly worsening of Kosovo’s relations with the entire Euro-Atlantic community, this meeting cannot be held in the anticipated format.

After speaking in the afternoon with the head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrel, I asked Albin to meet tomorrow in Gjakove in a narrower format, namely with the foreign and defense ministers to discuss exactly this situation, which is dramatically dividing Kosovo with the Euro-Atlantic community at an unimaginable point, where the latter has put its finger, in fact, on the button that will set in motion the plan of sanctions against the state that created it.

Unfortunately and with great regret I have to say that we did not have an agreement with Prime Minister Kurti on a change of format, he requested that the meeting be held normally and then we discuss about this as well, but this is not possible because it is not a moment to create a false picture of what actually happens in the reality of Kosovo today.

Maybe it is not a final answer from the prime minister, I really hope that we can meet to confront the opinions in the conditions when, I repeat, we are on the verge of putting the plan into motion, because I don’t even want to talk about sanctions, but of austerity measures against a state that was created by those who are clearly in the conditions of the sauce of patience.

I made an effort to ask for a little more time, I got a little more time, but if we can’t use this time for a common sense among all, then I’m very afraid that the plan, which is a really very serious for Kosovo, will be put into motion”, said Prime Minister Rama to the media.

The prime minister added that the problem is not Albin Kurti’s, but Kosovo and the Albanian nation, which risks appearing in a bad light in the eyes of those who have made this nation to be in its best days in its thousand-year history.

“Albania is not a UFO, it does not operate in isolation and Albania’s relationship with Kosovo is a brotherly relationship, but Albania is a country that is an inseparable part of the Euro-Atlantic community, is a member of NATO and has no chance for Albania to move from the axis of the Euro-Atlantic community, I don’t know what. We don’t think 99, but 100% the same as our allies think in this case,” said Rama.