Over 10 children abandoned every year, 90% of mothers do not return



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10 babies every year become part of Baby’s house in the capital, as they are abandoned by their mothers at birth, in all Albanian maternity hospitals.

Socio-economic conditions are listed as the first cause that forces women, who in most cases are young, to give up the child and give it up for adoption.

They receive all the love of the staff of the residential center, but they do not have that of the mother, who in 90% of cases abandons them without returning.

“Currently, 27 children are accommodated and receive services here. The youngest children and youngest residents of our institutions are 3-4 months old. The period of stay is up to 6 years and then after reaching the age, the child is transferred to another institution. In 90% of cases, they undergo the procedure of declaring abandonment and then their adoption”, said Orieta Metaj, director of the Children’s Home in Tirana.

The trend of abandoning children in the last 5 years is almost unchanged, but what are the reasons that mothers abandon their little ones within a few days after they gave their lives.

“The reasons for abandoning children in the maternity ward since birth are generally social and economic reasons, they are mainly single mothers or student girls, they are called as children out of wedlock and because they do not have support either from the extended family or because of conditions in which they are forced to leave the child in the care of the state,” said Orieta Metaj, director of the Children’s Home in Tirana.

At the same rate as abandonment is the request of parents who want to adopt and make these children part of their lives, but the director of the Baby’s Home appeals for mothers not to abandon their children regardless of the circumstances.

In Albania, there are three Baby’s homes that provide care for children under 6 years of age who have been abandoned by their mothers, or children who have been taken into protection by the state after their parents have been deprived of their rights for various reasons.