Primaries, Kellici: Innovation not only for DP, but for all of politics

The primaries process is a novelty not only for the Democratic Party, but for Albanian politics as a whole.

This was Belind Kellici’s statement after casting his vote.

“Today you have seen that in the entire territory of Tirana, in fact in all of Albania, the democrats, members and sympathizers have gained more power than ever with their vote to decide the candidates they want to represent in the local elections on the 14 May, but this time today is a celebration of democracy, it is the empowerment of the membership, the empowerment of sympathizers and a process which strengthens and democratizes the Democratic Party even more,” said Kellici.

Today, the Democratic Party led by Sali Berisha held the primaries from which the final candidates for the May 14 elections will be chosen. The 7 candidates of Tirana, the National Council and Branch 2 of the DP voted in the DP headquarters.