Protest-homage for the ‘dead’ branches, 8 students leave the universities every day

Some students near the Ministry of Education staged a symbolic protest by paying homage in an ironic manner to the closure of study branches in public universities.

In the last 4 years, an average of 8 students per day have left, or in other words 3.000 students per year.

“Mathematics, which was the cornerstone of Luigj Gurkauqi Shkoder University, is closing today at the national university. Do these patriots and Mrs. Minister know that the Normal Albanian School that formed the Aleksander Xhuvani Elbasan University today has only 2 enrollments? The branch of Hotel-Tourism branch is closed in coastal Durres, Korca remains without history – geography” – says Gevio Tabaku, student.

“The Physics branch had 29 students registered in 2016, while today there are no students at all, the history branch had 86 students registered in 2016, while today there are only 3 students,” says Kolindo Vjerdha.

Even though priority study programs are at risk of closure despite the fact that the government offered students a monthly scholarship in the value of the minimum wage, they did not choose these branches.

“71.6% of priority programs risk being closed as they do not meet the minimum number of 10 students. The irony of fate is that 4 of these 35 programs have been closed before the implementation of the scholarship program has started.”- Tabaku adds.

“The Ministry is well aware of these concerns, but it continues to ignore them and thinks that through a scholarship it will be able to change the fact that there is a significant lack of scientific and practical materials to develop the subjects,” says Ledina Kamami, student.

They demand transparency from the Ministry of Education in its decision-making. In case the latter will not reflect, the students do not rule out the possibility of protests.