Serbian lawyer speaks after his arrest for placing flowers at Jashari’s cemetery



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Lawyer Čedomir Stojković was detained today in Serbia, after visiting the Jashari family cemetery in Prekaz.

The news was revealed by Stojkovic himself, who said he was held for four hours by members of Serbia’s Information Security Agency and then released to free movement.

Through a post on his account on the ‘X’ platform, Stojković states that his release is not the result of the will of the authorities.

“I was released because the authorities were aware that if they arrested me too, the pressure from the world public would be too great,” he wrote.

He further states that now the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, must explain why he is an exception compared to Nikola Sandulovic, who was brutally beaten by the Serbian secret service after the footage of his visit in Prekaz was published.

“In the state of Aleksandar Vučić, the laws are applied arbitrarily. I did an even ‘worse’ thing than Nicola – I gave a speech at the grave where he laid flowers. They arrested him and beat him. I am free”.

According to attorney Stojković, the BIA officials who spoke to him had a professional approach, asked questions that interested him, behaved politely, and that he felt no hostility despite, as he said, their disagreements.

“My detention of four hours (the legal maximum) is the result of someone else’s decisions. During that time we had the opportunity to exchange ideas without tension. In the words exchanged, I see a chance to change their opinion, of course for my reasons. Because even the BIA must understand that the enemy is from within and these are all those who reduce Serbia to the level of a primitive community, starting with the president. Maybe the public prosecutor in Belgrade thinks otherwise. Let’s see when I go there”, wrote Stojković.

Stojkovic was in Prekaz and placed flowers at the grave of Blerina Jashari, who was only seven years old when she was killed by Serbian forces during the war in Kosovo.

In addition to the flowers, the lawyer also left a letter where, among other things, he said that hope and dreams begin with the word “I’m sorry”.