SP Assembly concludes, Rama: Changes are part of the party



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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that changes are part of the life of the Socialist Party, therefore the SP is a winning party.

In a statement to the media from the SP headquarters, after the online meeting of the SP Assembly, Rama expressed, “We are in the second phase of memberships, as we decided in the National Assembly, which is the phase of commitment for new memberships and addressing gender balance in some areas, in some organizations in each county that have gender balance issues”.

“I cannot say problematic counties, but there are certain points that are mainly in rural areas where more work needs to be done to ensure a more balanced participation between men and women, boys and girls,” said Rama.

Asked if the reports of the county leaders will serve for changes based on their performance, Rama said that, “Changes are part of the life of the SP, therefore the SP is a winning party because it does not expect others to change it, but it changes itself, but this is not a goal in itself because I see a positive commitment”.

“Even from today’s reports, it is clear that the commitment is positive. Plus, our system, which has an increasingly developed digital component, is a system that has mirrors that speak for themselves and it is not just about what one or the other reports in words, but they are verifiable mirrors of membership, meetings, vacancies, and so on,” Rama said.

Asked if he will personally engage in memberships, Rama said, “Of course, the division of the work of all Assembly members has an average of 10 organizations, so I will have my organizations, but being a national process, I will have meetings of organizations divided by counties. So, I will be in all counties and will participate in the meetings of all counties”.