Spartak Braho’s ultimatum: Berisha is mad! He shouldn’t dare make a revolution!

Spartak Braho said in an interview for Euronews Albania that with the call for revolution against the government, Sali Berisha shows that he is irresponsible, but also dangerous as he incites people to risky adventures.

According to Braho, Berisha cannot take power with a revolution, but only with votes and elections.

“Berisha is mad! What revolution do you want?! Power is obtained by votes, by elections. He tried to make a revolution in ’98 and ran away with his tail in the saddle. Will it burn, will it destroy? Dear try it even once! Berisha will give heart to the crowd, but Berisha does not allow anyone to make a revolution. You have seen how much Berisha has collected, 10,000 people, but not the conditions for revolution. With this request, he shows that he is irresponsible, but also dangerous because he throws people into risky adventures. When the crowd gets out of control, it harms itself and the country,” said Braho.