The 5 MPs who withdrew their mandates to run for mayor

5 members of the Albanian Parliament will give up on their mandates of the legislator to compete in the May 14 elections for mayor.

From the Socialist Party, two will be the MPs who will give up their mandate.

The first is the Shkodra district MP Benet Beci, who will try to win the only municipality that the socialists have not been able to run. The departure of Benet Beci restores the possibility of Ilir Beqaj to sit in the parliament again. The second MP who will leave the mandate to compete in the elections is Besjan Ajazi, who has been entrusted with the candidacy in the municipality of Gramshi.

In the district of Elbasan, Shkëlqim Bullari is expected to take his place in Parliament.

In the opposition camp, 3 will be the MPs who will give up their post.

In Tirana, Belind Kellici will try to win against Erion Veliaj.

The relinquishment of Kellici’s mandate is expected to return another figure, Asllan Dogjanin, to Parliament.

MP Luciano Boci will leave the mandate to compete for the municipality of Elbasan.

Qani Xhafa is expected to take the MP’s mandate.

Meanwhile, Zef Hila is another MP, who will leave his mandate for the municipality of Vau i Dejes.

Lodovik Hasani is expected to take his place, as Bardh Spahia, who is next on the list, is said to have rejected it.