“The corruption of the FBI agent from Rama”, Meta: He threatened NATO’s national security 

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, reacted to the arrest of the former FBI agent and his relationship with the head of the government, Edi Rama.

Meta emphasized that with Rama’s corruption of the FBI agent, he violated NATO and world security.

As he considered it “peverse”, Meta underlined that the prime minister has done everything to maintain power.

“International and NATO security has been violated. He has committed a threat to our national security. His acts are well-documented. There will be other things even more serious that will come out, this is all a rotten and hopeless regime. The case will not be closed in Albania. The Russian ruble swindler will be held responsible for all this extraordinary penetration of Russian capital companies. The worst thing he has done is that he has corrupted and lured people to camouflage the penetration of dubious capitals that he needs to maintain his power at the expense of democracy, citizens and national interests. What can be expected from a man who is among the main instigators of the division of Kosovo? It is absolutely impossible for a prime minister to do such a thing,” said Meta.