The price crisis impoverishes Albanians, Lapaj: We’ve been stuck like ‘wet gunpowder’ since the 90s

This week’s barometer confirmed the deterioration of the economic situation of Albanian families due to the increase in prices even in terms of just the past two months.

Lawyer Adriatik Lapaj told Euronews Albania that what he saw from the findings of this week’s survey was that our society has always remained like “wet gunpowder”.

“It has been since the 90s, as far as I can remember, in bits and pieces. You see these numbers and you get completely demotivated. You see these and you understand the phenomena of rafts in the year 2022,” said Lapaj.

53.4% ​​of Albanians indicate that the economic situation in their families in November 2022 has worsened. 39.2% of them are neutral and only 7.4% of them have a better economic condition.