Tirana Municipality gives 100,000 euros in aid to floods in Italy



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Mayor of Tirana municipality has proposed to grant 100 thousand euros in aid to the Region of Emilia Romagna in Italy, to alleviate the consequences of the damages caused by the massive floods of the last few weeks.

The massive rains of May 2023 in the region of Emilia Romagna, Italy, have caused natural disasters with serious consequences. The situation created due to the heavy rains in a short time, bringing the rivers that pass through this region out of their bad, has resulted in significant damage to citizens’ properties, private houses, mainly in the municipalities of Forli, Cesena and Ravenna.

Rains have caused the loss of life for 15 people, as well as extensive damage to homes, bridges, roads and some businesses, which have been flooded by water and mud. The affected population is over 23 thousand inhabitants, some of whom have been evacuated by the authorities and others have been transferred to their relatives.



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